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Type II Diabetes is at epidemic levels and has been for more than 2 decades.

This type of Diabetes used to be named ‘Late Onset’ due to the fact that people got this later in life for various reasons, often due to obesity but also due to poor diet, other health issues, prescribed medicines and the inability of the body to utilize glucose.

As a nutritionist I know and have worked with people to reverse their diagnosis successfully – for me – it is down to diet and when a strict regime is put in place and followed we can get the body functioning normally.

Most people would rather take the easy route of prescribed medicines which will eventually lead to having to self inject daily to control the glucose levels, what they don’t realise is they are working their way towards ill health, poor eyesight including blindness, loss of limbs – yes! the glucose floating about in the system damages the nerve endings causing the extremeties such as toes and even a whole foot having to be amputated. It effects every part of your life and you then become a slave to your disabilities or someone else has to look after you!

What would you rather do?? live a live of misery or shake up your eating regime??

Read this article and check out the map to see just what a global epidemic this is!



The “Diabesity” epidemic (obesity and type 2 diabetes) is likely to be the biggest epidemic in human history. Diabetes has been seriously underrated as a global public health issue and the world can no longer ignore “the rise and rise” of type 2 diabetes. Currently, most of the national and global diabetes estimates come from the IDF Atlas. These estimates have significant limitations from a public health perspective. It is apparent that the IDF have consistently underestimated the global burden. More reliable estimates of the future burden of diabetes are urgently needed.

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