Trisha’s Bio

trisha-in-america-001Where did it all begin, well looking back, it certainly was not learning from home and family. I am the youngest of 3 and was a “fat” child, not until I was about 8 though, I think? Never really took much notice then, my Brother was fat and so was my Sister, now, no one likes the word fat but basically that is what it is/was, too many fat cells and not enough lean tissue, physiologically, it is what it is!

We came from an era, post war, where sweets were very much allowed as well as puddings with custard nearly every day and lots of the wrong kind of foods, I had no choice as a youngster, no knowledge of what I was eating and why, I just knew I was provided with three meals a day and I ate them! It was considered very ungrateful if you did not, we were told there were lots of children in other countries who were starving!

I went to a little private “cottage” school and there would be that awful small bottle of milk, in Summer when it got warm, have to admit I never drank that stuff but the school lunches were two courses and plenty of it, roast dinners with a syrup and custard pudding was one day a week!

I did not really realise I was “fat” I just thought I was a big child, well developed or had “puppy fat” as it was then called. I did not realise in my early years that my Brother was overweight or my Sister – it just seemed normal. My parents were not fat when they were young parents but my Dad put on a lot of weight as he grew older, my Mother’s smoking habits kept her from eating too much so she was not overweight. I was not “obese” like you see children and adults today, just a big girl I guess, but yes, too many fat cells.Continue reading…