10 Ultimate Juice Recipes

10-ultimate-juice-recipes-300x45010 Ultimate Juices Recipe Book by Trisha Stewart is to compliment the Healthy Lifestyle series of books written by Trisha.  These books will guide you to optimal health

Raw freshly extracted juices don’t just taste nice but are a powerhouse of nutrients that will have your taste buds tingling and your body system and organs firing on all cylinders. They will pack real punch into your daily routine.

Did you know that juicing is known to help heal many ailments? Even Cancer! Now we are not allowed to say here that it cures anything but there are many studies which have been done to prove that taking in raw nutrients and enzymes help to rebuild the cells of the body. Just in case you did not know it, our body is made up of billions of cells so everything we do towards good health keeps rebuilding good cells and that means good health.

You might ask, “Why make your own juice when there are plenty of them in the shops already made?”

Here is why.

There is absolutely NO juice that you can buy in ANY shop that will replicate your own home-made as they all have to be treated in some way to ensure that bacteria is not present. Most are pasteurized to at least 71 degrees centigrade to kill off the bacteria so that the juice has an extended shelf life. Some are processed by a high pressure method which can include heat or not but, in either process, there is a huge if not all loss of the nutrients and enzymes.

Take a look in the supermarket and see how long the sell by dates are and then make you own and see how quickly they go off!

I am not going to get into naming and shaming juice manufacturers who flout the law to get their juice on the shelf in a supermarket because – guess what? We are only interested in showing you the absolute right way to extract your juices and to get the maximum benefits.

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Healthy Tart

healthy-tart-300x450You don’t have to be a skinny bitch to be a ‘Healthy Tart’! It’s the answer that all the ‘real women’ like you have been hoping to find!

Packed with the truth about good nutrition and what actually happens to your body when you eat well (and don’t eat so well), you finally have the tools and resources to wade through the size zero/fad diet hype and live your best life now!

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Healthy Bunch Cookbook

healthy-bunch-cookbook-300x450This cookery book has been created to support the series by Trisha Stewart on diet and lifestyle, Healthy Tart, Healthy Idol and Healthy Dude

This book is deliberately focusing on vegetarian/vegan foods, not only to support these great lifestyle books, but also to encourage those people who eat flesh and dairy to try some great alternatives. Even though I have outlined in my other books very good reasons to avoid eating animal produce, I know some people will continue to do so, which is about choices.

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All Natural Detox Program

all-natural-30-day-detox-300x450This book is a total 30 day detox program including recipes and daily instructions. Your body needs 30 days to adjust but in those 30 days you can lose over 20 lbs. Here’s why is takes 30 days:

For a successful detox where you get positive health results, you need to give your body’s organs and digestive systems a complete rest. And in my experience, the only way for your body to get a complete rest is to follow a detox plan for 30 days minimum. Here’s what happens in those 30 days:

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