All Natural Detox Program

all-natural-30-day-detox-300x450This book is a total 30 day detox program including recipes and daily instructions. Your body needs 30 days to adjust but in those 30 days you can lose over 20 lbs. Here’s why is takes 30 days:

For a successful detox where you get positive health results, you need to give your body’s organs and digestive systems a complete rest. And in my experience, the only way for your body to get a complete rest is to follow a detox plan for 30 days minimum. Here’s what happens in those 30 days:

First you help to alkalise your body. As you may know, a healthy human body has a slightly alkaline pH. However, when our diet is high in dairy products, grains, meat, and too much salt, these foods make our bodies more acid. When our bodies are too acid we’re more likely to suffer from heartburn, ulcer colitis, hiatus hernia and stomach ulcers plus many more ailments.

Second, when we detox for 30 days, our liver stops having to work so hard processing our poor diet or any prescription drugs. When our liver has to deal with either of these it’s constantly over working.

Third, our digestion system gets a rest. That’s because we’re not eating as much acid food. And our stomachs don’t have to constantly produce acid to breakdown the acid food.

Finally, our kidneys get chance to rest as well. This is important because the kidneys help to excrete waste. And if we’re eating too much junk food then our kidneys have to constantly over work.

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