20 years old & over weight

amy-now-01Hi Amy here....

I remember the date, it was March the 13th. 2008.

This was the day I decided to turn my life around.

I was 18 and had just moved out of home for the first time.

My diet consisted of fast food take outs, fried processed stuff, fizzy drinks and alcohol.

I Wasn't Looking or Feeling My Best

I was overweight, had greasy skin and was suffering with acne, okay so that stuff was all just visual and in some respects that shouldn't matter, but I also hate to think what I looked like on the inside.

amy-before-01That's me to the right and size 16.

My wardrobe slowly changed and before I knew it I had gone from a 54kg active out going size 10 to an 80kg size 16.

I had no motivation for anything. Something had to change. I knew it and my family knew it.

Fortunately Trisha Was There to Help

The Program Was Super Easy to Follow!

The menus were planned, the recipe's were there, all I had to do was prepare and cook.

I Wasn't Looking for a Quick Fix

I didn't want a quick fix, neither did I want to torture my body with partial starvation.

I wanted a change of life style and a new take on food.

I wanted my body cleansed and renewed from the inside out.

Trisha's 30 day detox did exactly that and 30 days of my life to kick start my health seemed like nothing.*

I Never Even Felt Hungry

During program I never felt hungry in-between meals.*

I never felt like I needed or wanted more than what was on the menu.

What a Relief to Not Have to Think for a Change

It was perfect not having to think about what to make, all the menus were pre-planned for me along with all the recipe's and I was even given cooking tips!

I began enjoying being adventurous in the kitchen, opening my taste buds to new flavors and textures, and to trying things I'd never even heard of before (most of which I now love!).

My work at the time was on a shift pattern and even with strange hours it was perfectly easy to incorporate this program with my life style.

After 30 days I felt cleansed

After 30 days I felt cleansed, my skin was healthy, my acne greasy skin had gone and as a bonus I had lost weight (and that is without doing the exercise program).*

Not only did I feel the benefits visually but mentally I felt an awesome sense of achievement because it was me that had done this, I enjoyed the journey and I absolutely love the results!*

It Might Only Be A 30 Day Program But the Results Have Stayed With Me For Years*

Years on, I have continued with and incorporated Trisha's 30 day program in to my every day life and as a result I have a new enjoyment of food and a new found love of cooking.

I love being creative in the kitchen. I actually rarely eat out as I much prefer my own cooking now and I can not even remember the last time I ordered a take out.

I Am Not a Veggie Nor Did I Want To Be

I am not a vegan or vegetarian although I do much prefer a vegetarian diet most of the time now and I'm sure that it's better for my health.

I do eat meat sometimes (often more for every one else's benefit than mine) but Trisha's program has helped me to understand, enjoy and learn about food.

It Works For Anyone

I can 100{b0af3dbcebeaaa743e74c13c7337d42eaab3e4f8095349514fa89187578205e4} recommend The 30 Day Weight Loss Formula for anybody of any age!*

It works for weight loss and for health too!*

The Help and Support was Vital

Trisha was there for help and support every step of the way and I can't thank her enough for that! She really helped me change my life.


The menus were planned, the recipe's were there, all I had to do was prepare and cook. I wasn't looking for a quick fix, neither did I want to torture my body with partial starvation. I wanted a change of life style a new take on food and to feel happy.

My mum Janet was so impressed with my results she now follows the plan

So that's me and mum shortly after I joined the airline and together in March 2016.


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